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Everything you ever wanted to know about floods: why they happen, where they happen, and what to do about them. Be sure to also check out our blog posts on water damage.

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What’s in Your Dog’s Bug Out Bag?

dog bug out

Natural disasters are no laughing matter, and when faced with one, you are often left with only two choices: evacuate the area, or buckle down and prepare for the storm ahead. That preparation hopefully includes setting up “Bug Out Bags” for each member of your family–including of course, your dog. Unfortunately, very few people know to do this– so we have compiled a list of thirteen essential items you should include in your dog’s Bug Out Bag, and the reasons why your canine companion might need them.

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Water Damage vs Flood Damage: What You Need to Know

water damage vs flood damage

Flood damage is just another kind of water damage, right?

When it comes to water damage vs flood damage, flood damage poses higher health risks, can require additional insurance coverage, and can cost more to repair.

But what exactly constitutes flood damage, what constitutes water damage, and why does it matter? Let’s start with the causes. Continue reading

Does Flood Insurance in San Diego Make Sense?

A good reason to buy flood insurance

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With the current El Niño season underway, it makes sense for you to wonder about flood insurance in San Diego. What exactly are the benefits of flood insurance? Should you purchase flood insurance for your home or business? If you live in San Diego or anywhere near the Southern California coastline, then you already know that this winter has been a doozy. With record rainfall and freeway closures on Highway 5 earlier this January, flooding and flood preparation seem to be in the forefront of many home and business owner’s minds. And one key element of El Niño preparation is the purchase of flood insurance in San Diego and nearby cities. And yet many businesses and residents stubbornly refuse to purchase flood insurance. We’re here to explore the benefits of flood insurance in San Diego and why it just might be the right choice for you. Continue reading

Flood Safety Means Knowing Where to Go

Where to go in a flood to stay safe

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When forming your flood safety plan, it’s important to know where to go in order to ensure your family’s safety. If your children are in school, know what to do should a flood occur during school hours. Come up with a designated meeting place for you and your children. Make arrangements with a family member or friend in a nearby town so you have a place to stay, and don’t forget to include your pets in your flood safety plans. Knowing where to go and what to do when a flood occurs is the most critical part of your flood safety agenda – prepare yourself today so you can remain safe. Continue reading

The Worst Floods in California's History

The Worst Floods in California’s History

The Worst Floods in California's History
California may be experiencing a drought right now, but in a state that shares a huge border with the ocean, flooding can be a common problem. Storms, tsunamis and industrial accidents can all cause flooding. Even minor flooding can cause serious damage for homes and businesses, requiring extensive water damage restoration. However, major flooding can cause widespread devastation that requires rebuilding whole communities. Continue reading

Removing water with a squeegee

We Are Proud to Announce the Flood Preparation Scholarship

Floods are nasty business. That’s why flood preparation is crucial. Right now, floods are threatening and destroying communities throughout the country, from Texas and Louisiana to Kansas and Colorado. It seems hard to believe right now, but even California could face floods and landslides this winter if an El Nino event touches down.

We believe there’s no time like the present to make sure your home and family are prepared for the event of a flood, which is why we’re proud to announce the Flood Preparation Scholarship. Read on to see how you or someone you know could win $500 for their education while helping educate others about flood safety.

Think you’re already prepared for the next big flood? Take our flood safety quiz and find out.