How to Choose a Flood Damage Restoration Company

Are you living with a leaking roof, flooding room in your home or any other form of water retention in your residence? We can assist you to correct or improve your situation. We specialize in water damage restoration in San Diego County and surrounding areas.

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Water damage is one of the most disruptive and damaging things that could ever happen to your home and property. One never knows when flooding will occur. We help you remove your contents from your home and completely restore affected areas in your residence. From removal and cleaning of your property to cleaning and water remediation from your

TSC Restoration has been assisting people with water and flood issues for 15 years, we are the experts when it comes to water damage restoration. We work on both commercial and residential structures and have been servicing the Southern California community for years. We solve flood and water issues quickly and efficiently, and assist in dealing with your insurance company in the shortest time possible.


Water Damage Effects:

Still waters come with various forms of damage. Which could lead to health complications and other forms of damage mentioned below:

• Contents and personal property damage

• Structure damage and weakening

• Mold within the walls and in visible areas

• Contamination of water supplies

Flooding happens because of faulty hoses and plumbing and can also occur because of natural disaster; it is therefore very hard to say that you can avoid water damage brought about by these situations. However, you can easily make the effects of water damage and flooding by acting fast when a situation like a flood or plumbing issue occurs.

You need to locate a company that works in your city and offers the services of a water damage restoration and remediation. With TSC restoration, we assure that your personal property is saved, cleaned and salvaged. We have a drying process and equipment to restore your belongings quickly.


Our Guarantee

At our company, we guarantee all our clients professional quality restoration service. Some of the services you can expect with us are:

• Itemized & Secure Storage

• Water removal

• Structure Drying

• Upholstery Cleaning

• Deodorizing

• Carpet Cleaning

• Full Reconstruction

• Contents Cleaning & Pack outs

• Restoration services

• Mold Remediation

• Flood Cleanup

• Water Damage Restoration Services

• Water Damage Cleanup

• Flood Repair / Remediation

• Contents Restoration – On & Off Site

• Mold Cleanup

When water damage is handled properly with a controlled drying process, the entire restoration project is both faster and more cost effective. Thoroughly drying the structure reduces structural damage and damage from mold and mildew, as well as additional damage caused by high humidity levels.

When you need to find a service provider who will help you to repair water damage, you need a professional and a company that is an experienced service provider. TSC restoration is that company. We have built a reputation that is centered on customer service and prompt communication. We understand the magnitude of a disaster situation and we promise you that we will salvage the situation effectively and quickly.

Our team works day and night on water damage situations meaning no situation is too large or complex for us. We evaluate damage restoration in all forms – including hard contents such as china, appliances and jewelry or soft contents such as clothing and artwork. Our drying and cleaning process is performed our staff of experts using the latest restoration equipment and technology.

TSC Restoration was built on a strong foundation of professional services. We put our customers first and work with you to resolve your situation, which is why you only need one contact when you have a water or flood disaster. Don’t risk your health or more damage to your personal property, let us assess and help you clean and restore the proper way and help you work with your insurance to handle the financial aspects the best way possible. We know the questions to ask and the best way to handle these types of situations, we are the best.


Let us help you or someone you know when you have a flood or water damage in your home. Keep our number handy and we will be there when you need us.

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