Fact Sheet

Company: TSC Restoration, Inc.
President: Ron Berry
Founded: 2001
Address:225 Broadway #1500 San Diego, CA 92101
Phone Number: 1 (619) 308-6421

TSC Restoration was founded in March 2001 by President and Owner, Ron Berry. Having worked in the flood, fire and mold industry in San Diego for more than twenty years, Berry started TSC Restoration using his expertise and experience in remediation and reconstruction. TSC is an acronym for Berry’s close family members.

In the early stages of business planning, Ron struggled to get the appropriate contractor’s license from the State. Having taken a loan out from the bank, Berry was dismayed to learn that a long waiting list at the Contractor’s Board could delay the permit process for up to eight months. With a family to support and the start-up costs of a new business piling up, Berry knew that he would need his license to go through quickly so that he could start booking jobs and servicing customers.

After several frustrating starts-and-stops with the Board, Berry finally reached out to local Senator Steve Peace for help pushing his application through. Peace was out of town but a woman in his office heard Berry’s story and played guardian angel to the family. She personally called Senator Peace encouraging him to help approve the license. He did, and the very next day, TSC Restoration was in business.

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TSC Restoration services home owners and business owners whose property, assets and/or valuables have been damaged by flood, fire or mold. Since 2001, TSC has worked on more than an estimated 10,000 projects in the San Diego area and has a solid reputation in the market for superb customer service. TSC works with individual homeowners, small business owners, property managers, large corporations and retail stores, municipal buildings (schools, fire stations, etc.) and hospitals.


TSC Restoration provides a 24-hour emergency hotline for all of their services. The company’s goal for each and every call is to provide fast, effective and efficient response to an emergency. Typically, a certified technician arrives on site within sixty minutes.

  • Mold Remediation: TSC Restoration will contain areas affected by mold before extracting air and material samples for testing. Once testing is complete, technicians will locate the source of moisture that created the problem and remove and repair all areas affected by mold. Contaminated furniture, appliances and equipment can be removed, cleaned and treated to remediate the mold damage.
  • Water Damage: The first step in flood damage restoration is to extract all water from the affected area. TSC’s technicians can treat carpets, appliances, electronics, fine furniture and valuable documents. Drying equipment is used to ensure that the entire area is completely dried. Once the area is free from water and moisture, TSC can repair the structural damage, repaint walls, clean and reinstall carpets, and restore furniture and other personal items.
  • Fire Damage: Fire can cause devastating losses. The TSC team begins immediately by securing the damaged property and working with estimators and superintendents to create a plan for property and asset recovery. Next, the TSC team will work with insurance adjustors to assess the damage and determine the scope of repairs. Teams of TSC technicians simultaneously begin working on structural damage, cleaning and removing smoke odor and soot, and restoring all assets and valuables as quickly as possible.
  • Additional Services: TSC can provide itemized and secure storage, content cleaning, content restoration on or off site, deodorizing, full reconstruction, interior and exterior structural cleaning.


“Thank you for your service in arranging restoration of our home after being damaged by flooding. The situation is stressful enough when a home has been damaged and needs to be repaired quickly and professionally. Your prompt, courteous service put us at ease and helped put the best face on an otherwise unfortunate situation.” Mark A. Lawson

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the manner in with TSC Restoration has assisted us with our [water damage] problem. I will not hesitate to refer you to others who may need your assistance.”Paul Hering

“We would like to thank TSC Restoration for the emergency service work they have performed for the San Diego City School District over the past years. We have worked with TSC since June of 2003. During this time he [President Ron Berry] and his staff have provided excellent customer service and response time to our emergency service needs, no matter how large or small.”Steve Barnes, Maintenance and Operations Department, San Diego City Schools

“I wish to thank you for all your help in getting my home back in order and for being so responsive, professional and conducting yourself with integrity. I sincerely appreciate you’re your efforts.”Patricia Munoz