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The Best Parks in San Diego with Basketball Courts

sky basketball

Are you looking for some family fun during the final weeks of summer? We are firm believers that there’s nothing greater than some healthy competitive sports with friends and family – and what better sport than some good old-fashioned basketball? For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the best parks in San Diego with basketball courts. So gear up and get ready to check one of these spaces out (and don’t forget to bring an air pump). Court is now in session.

1. North Park Community Park

North Park Community Park features a solid selection of recreational activities for the entire family. We love that not only does the park offer an on-site rec center complete indoor basketball courts, but also has bathrooms, playgrounds, grassy areas that are perfect for soccer, a baseball field, and much more. So rest assured knowing that even if one of your kids isn’t into basketball, they’ll definitely be able to find something else to keep them entertained. This is an all around great park in San Diego with decent basketball courts to practice on.

Address: Howard Ave. & Idaho St., San Diego, CA 92104

2. Golden Hill Recreation Center

Golden Hill Recreation Center is a paradise for basketball lovers. Golden Hill includes both indoor and outdoor courts, plus there’s always someone out there playing. The indoor basketball courts are usually packed, but if you’re any good and up for a challenge, you can expect to get some reps in Monday through Saturday (generally after 2pm, but check out the Yelp page for a full list of the times). Even if you come alone, you’ll find someone to play with here.

Address: 2590-2596 Golden Hill Dr, San Diego, CA 92102

3. Allied Gardens Community Park

Allied Gardens Community Park offers great basketball courts for beginners and more advanced players alike, so we had no choice but to include it in our list. The outdoor basketball courts are lighted, so you can play til the sun goes down and still have visibility and safety on your side. Inside the gym are some indoor basketball courts, which see just as much action. This park is also within walking distance to the library, y’know, just in case you want to hit the books after a long day of battling it out on the court.

Address: 5155 Greenbrier Ave., San Diego, CA 92120

4. Kearny Mesa Park

Kearny Mesa Park is a hot spot for all ages to meet up and play some ball. Kids from the neighboring high school often come over to play, but every once in awhile, you’ll also see various competitive leagues meeting here to practice. Curious? You might as well go on down to check it out and see for yourself. The outside basketball courts are well maintained, and you’ll find people playing pickup games here at all hours of the day. We’ve got to admit, this is one of our favorite parks with basketball courts in all San Diego.

Address: 3170 Armstrong St., San Diego, CA 92111

5. Amici Park

Amici Park has definitely got some character to it, and is also home to some of the city’s nicer outdoor basketball courts. You can bring your dogs along with you (on leash, of course) if they’re into basketball fans too, and in addition to basketball, there are also bocce ball lanes (it is called Amici Park after all!) where you can get your feet wet trying a sport of a different color. Note that the park is adjacent to a school, so you should plan to come here after school hours.

Address: 1660 Union St., San Diego, CA 92101