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Everything you ever wanted to know about floods: why they happen, where they happen, and what to do about them. Be sure to also check out our blog posts on water damage.

If you experience a flood in your home, contact us for your flood restoration needs immediately. Our services are available throughout Southern California. We also offer commercial flood restoration services.

Where to go in a flood to stay safe

Flood Safety Means Knowing Where to Go

Where to go in a flood to stay safe

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When forming your flood safety plan, it’s important to know where to go in order to ensure your family’s safety. If your children are in school, know what to do should a flood occur during school hours. Come up with a designated meeting place for you and your children. Make arrangements with a family member or friend in a nearby town so you have a place to stay, and don’t forget to include your pets in your flood safety plans. Knowing where to go and what to do when a flood occurs is the most critical part of your flood safety agenda – prepare yourself today so you can remain safe. Continue reading

The Worst Floods in California's History

The Worst Floods in California’s History

The Worst Floods in California's History
California may be experiencing a drought right now, but in a state that shares a huge border with the ocean, flooding can be a common problem. Storms, tsunamis and industrial accidents can all cause flooding. Even minor flooding can cause serious damage for homes and businesses, requiring extensive water damage restoration. However, major flooding can cause widespread devastation that requires rebuilding whole communities. Continue reading

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We Are Proud to Announce the Flood Preparation Scholarship

Floods are nasty business. That’s why flood preparation is crucial. Right now, floods are threatening and destroying communities throughout the country, from Texas and Louisiana to Kansas and Colorado. It seems hard to believe right now, but even California could face floods and landslides this winter if an El Nino event touches down.

We believe there’s no time like the present to make sure your home and family are prepared for the event of a flood, which is why we’re proud to announce the Flood Preparation Scholarship. Read on to see how you or someone you know could win $500 for their education while helping educate others about flood safety.

Think you’re already prepared for the next big flood? Take our flood safety quiz and find out.

San Diego Marriott Marquis basement flood damage repair 1

TSC is Repairing the San Diego Marriott’s Main Line Flood

Many of you may have already heard about the flood at the San Diego Marriott Marquis on Wednesday, but what you may not have heard is that TSC Restoration is leading the restoration. While we’re no strangers to basement floods or commercial flood restoration work, the Mariott Marquis job is larger than anything most restoration contractors will ever handle.

Right now, our technicians are on the scene and working on extraction. We’ll update this post as the story develops. Continue reading

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

How to protect your home from water damage and mold growth
The number one home owner insurance claim is not for fire, theft or storm damage. It’s not from major floods, huge thunderstorms or even leaks in the roof.

No, the largest number of claims comes from indoor water damage.

If you want to avoid filing an insurance claim any time soon, be sure to follow these simple tips to protect your home from water damage.
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Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Team – But Do It Quickly

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Choosing a water damage restoration company is something that you often have to do in a hurry. The faster you make your choice, the sooner the team can get into place and start salvaging your home or office. That doesn’t mean you should randomly pick a water damage restoration team and just go with it. You still need to do your due diligence. Continue reading

Top 5 Steps if Your Commercial Building Gets Flooded

Dealing with a flooded office, retail, or industrial building can be a nightmare, but knowing what to do next can help you keep your cool and prevent massive damage. Keep in mind that the longer water sits, the more damage it can cause so take head to these steps which will help you get the water out as quickly as possible, preventing any additional damage or the potential for mold. Continue reading

Top 14 Reasons to Have Flood Insurance

Can you imagine what it would cost to recover from water damage caused by a flood? Are you prepared to pay that bill if it ends up happening?

homeowner gets blown away by high flood restoration bill

Many people don’t realize that a homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover property damage or cover loss or damage of your possessions because of water damage because of a flood. Flood insurance covers the direct physical losses caused by floods, flood-related erosion, severe rainstorms, flash floods and mudslides. Continue reading