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Helpful how-to guides that show you how to prepare for El Niño flooding, how to fix a water damaged drone, and everything in between.

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calculator being used to determine landlord responsibility for flood damage

Landlord Responsibility for Flood Damage: What You Need to Know

calculator being used to determine landlord responsibility for flood damageIf you rent a property in a flood zone, you probably want to know about your landlord’s responsibility for flood damage. And if you own property, you need to know what you’ll be responsible for if the property ever floods in a storm or as a result of a plumbing leak.

What happens in your renter is displaced by a flood? Do you owe them compensation for having to find lodgings elsewhere, even if they are temporary? And, how long does a landlord have to clean up the flood? Continue reading

Christmas Decor

Preventing Christmas Decor Fires

Christmas DecorHoliday décor is an absolute must in the Christmas season to make your home feel joyful. Unfortunately, many of our décor choices increase our risk for fires.

According to the American Red Cross, over 47,000 home fires occur each holiday season, causing thousands of injuries and claiming more than 500 lives. It’s critical to protect your family and home from holiday fires by choosing the right Christmas décor and following other safety precautions. Follow our tips for a safer, healthier, and happier holiday season.

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missing shingles

Roof Water Damage: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

roof water damage: shingles torn off by bad weatherWater damage from a roof leak might first appear as discolored spots on your ceiling, rings of mold growth from the moisture. If not handled quickly, a leaky roof can turn into a major problem, even as serious as a roof cave-in. We’ll guide you through what you need to do to fix the roof leak and the water damage it caused, as well as how to prevent both from reoccurring in the future.
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black mold on the ceiling

Black Mold on Your Bathroom Ceiling? Read This First

black mold on the ceilingIf you smell a sour odor in your bathroom, the solution may be above you. Bathroom ceilings are, likely, the first place your home that will develop mold. Few people notice and act on the mold immediately, which gives it the opportunity to spread to your tiles and grout. By the time you notice it, black mold will look awful, and it may even pose health risks. What do you do when you find it, and is it dangerous?

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