Category: Safety

  • September is Mold Awareness Month

    Mold awareness month is a perfect time to consider the indoor air quality of your home and business. Mold is one of the most important items to keep an eye on to make sure you have clean air and a healthy environment. With rainy fall weather on its way, we recommend homeowners always be on…

  • After The Fire – Checklist

    The following checklist serves as a quick reference and guide for you to follow after a fire strikes. Contact your local disaster relief service, such as The Red Cross, if you need temporary housing, food and medicines. If you are insured, contact your insurance company for detailed instructions on protecting the property, conducting inventory and…

  • Before A Flood: How To Prepare

    Make sure you have adequate insurance. Flood damage is included in most buildings insurance policies but do check your home and contents are covered. Check that your policy covers damage to garages, sheds and outbuildings if you need it. Remember that many