How to Protect Your Small Business from Fires

how to protect your small business from firesThere are few things more devastating to a small business than a fire. But the good news is that most fires can be prevented, and the damage can be minimized if you know what to do. Below are five tips that you can use to help with protecting your small business from fire.

Inspect & Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers

Make sure your fire extinguishers have regular inspections and maintenance. Also make sure that employees are trained on the proper way to use them. A lot of people haven’t ever used one, so basic training can help with saving lives if there’s a fire.

Install a Fire Suppression or Fire Sprinkler System

Every nosiness should have a fire alarm. However, you also should think about installing a system for fire suppression. There are some jurisdictions that require that the systems are in every commercial building. Both of these help with extinguishing the fire before the arrival of a fire department. The type of system that you install will depend on your business.

Regularly Clean & Inspect Your Equipment

One of the most common causes of an electrical fire is faulty equipment. Be certain your equipment and machines are working properly. You also should turn them off anytime they’re not being used. Clean your equipment and tools regularly to make sure they’re safe for you to use and functioning properly.

Reduce Clutter

Make sure the workspace is clutter-free as you possibly can. Things like stacks of paper, boxes and other kinds of combustible materials will give fire the fuel it needs. Not only that, make sure that you’re keeping your electrical appliances such as toasters, coffeemakers and microwaves away from fuel sources. Give your equipment like computers lots of space so air is able to circulate and they’ll remain cool.

One way to drastically reduce clutter at your business is to set up an office recycling program. If there is a clear procedure for how your employees should dispose of oversized waste items, it makes things much less likely that they’ll pile up around your property. Employees feel engaged because they get to take direct control of their environment, and you’ll enjoy a cleaner, happier business.

Maintain Your Outdoor Spaces

Sometimes a business is at higher risk for damage due to fire not due to what they’re doing but their location. For example, places in the west are more prone to wildfires during the summer because of their dry vegetation and arid climate. If you have a business that is in a forested or dry area, make sure you’re taking steps to keep it protected. In the areas that are prone to the wildfires, keep brush and trees from growing near the building. Also, make sure you remove any dry grass that’s 100 ft or closer to your structures.

For some kinds of businesses, fire-rated doors are legally required. But for many others, they’re still a great idea. Adding fire rated doors around rooms where you store or work with anything flammable could let you safely contain a fire for over an hour, protecting the rest of your facility from damage, and giving the fire department more time to arrive and put out the blaze. Just be sure to actually maintain your fire rated doors, too.

These are five easy steps that you can take to help with protecting your small business from fire. The best thing that you can do is prevent the fires that you can prevent and prepare your employees so they know what to do in the case of a fire.

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