Water Damage Restoration in Spring Valley CA

Water damage takes much of the household’s income and time during restoration. Spring Valley residents are more susceptible to water losses of all types ranging from sink or toilet overflows, severe storms, burst pipes, or heavy snowing. Water damage can cause the growth of mold or damage to wooden walls, plaster, and floors if left to stay for long without clearance. Restoration not only involves drying up the water but also requires other processes such as dehumidification and mold inspection by water damage experts in Spring Valley CA.

Why Seek Services from a Water Damage Company?

Most Spring Valley residents would be tempted to handle all the water instead of using services from a water damage company. However, the process may be frustrating and aggravating since they do not have the essential gear and skills required in handling the damage. A qualified and certified expert, on the other hand, carries out the restoration process from assessment to the final repairs. TSC Restoration is available on 24/7 hour basis to take care of our client’s water damage problems. The professionals use state of the art equipment and innovative techniques to restore your house to its original state.

How we Handle the Cleanup Process

You should contact our water removal company within 48 hours since the water damage occurred to prevent development of mold in the house. Mold tends to complicate the water damage problem further.


Our team of professionals responds in a swift way upon receiving a call from the Spring Valley residents. We conduct an inspection and damage assessment for your home to identify the source of the water damage and check for contamination in the house. An expert also assesses the extent of damage, which helps the water damage company Spring Valley CA to develop the appropriate plan of Action.

The Extraction Process

We use water removal pumps and wet/dry vacuums to remove all water from the house. Water removal prevents antibacterial and mold growth as well as reducing the drying time. We also use cameras to inspect any hidden water behind the walls and ceilings, which would lead to growth of mold.

Drying and Dehumidification

After removal of excess water, our experts from our water removal company use fans and dehumidifiers to remove any moisture in the house. Moisture promotes the growth of mold, warping of floors and furniture, or walls breakdown. Dehumidifiers prevent subsequent water damage from the accumulation of moisture while the airflow from the fans and air movers accelerate drying in the building.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Water damage leaves a distinct odor in a building, which fades away after a thorough cleaning. We provide professional cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors as well as the furniture in the house. We arrange for removal of the porous material in the house, which are breeding grounds for molds. We recognize the importance of sanitization to keep your house away from any germs. A mold spray also protects the house from growth of moisture.

Repair and Restoration

TSC Restoration in collaboration with the insurance companies handles all the destroyed items following water damage. The repairs may include replacement of drywall, fixing broken pipes, or extreme situations like foundation repairs.


When you detect any water leakages in your home or office, you should promptly call our expert water disaster response teams for help. Sometimes the costs involved after improper water damage restoration are higher compared to the original cost of hiring company services. Our customer service teams are available to answer to your emergency service on a 24/7 hour basis. Call us today!