Fire, Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Murrieta, CA

squeegeeing water out of a garage during a flood damage restoration in Murrieta, CA
blowers, dehumidifiers, and equipment used for water damage repair in Murrieta.

Technician with a crowbar removes damaged ceiling during a flood recovery job in Murrieta

Proudly Serving Murrieta’s Water Extraction and Fire Damage Restoration Needs

Whether you have discovered a long-term mold growth behind your walls or have suffered unexpected flood damage, we’re the team to call. TSC Restoration, Inc. has served the mold, fire, and water damage restoration needs of Murrieta for nearly 15 years, and we’re just getting started. That’s because you won’t find a more professional team of restoration specialists, offing a more comprehensive and flexible restoration service, anywhere in Southern California.

Why Call Us For Water Damage Restoration in Murrieta?

  • Our team is backed by a large fleet and a huge collection of equipment, so we can handle extremely large jobs, as well as several jobs in parallel.
  • Our technicians are fully trained, bonded, licensed, and certified for all work.
  • Our project managers are on site to make sure that your restoration job is as painless as possible. You call us and we handle the rest.
  • From our dehumidifiers and fans to safety equipment and vacuums, we only bring the industry’s best equipment to each and every job.

When It Comes to Flood Damage Repair, Time is Everything

Time is your enemy when you are dealing with a water emergency. The sooner you get a remediation expert on the phone, the more of your personal items can be saved. A delay – even of an hour or two – can give mold the head start it needs to take hold in your drywall, fabrics and in your carpet and padding. The sooner we are on site, the less expensive the restoration is going to be.

Stay Away From Contaminated Water

Once you’ve called our Murrieta water damage restoration team, there are a few things you can do to help start the process before we get there as long as you are dealing with a clean water issue. If you are dealing with grey or black water, your best bet is to stay away from the affected area completely. There are dangerous pathogens in the water that could cause harm to you or your family.

We Also Offer Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

office conference room in Temecula after a water damage restoration job

When your business is damaged by fire or water, you can’t afford to stay closed for long. That’s why it’s important to call an experienced damage restoration company that can complete your cleanup and reconstruction ASAP.

Over the years, TSC Restoration has handled some of the biggest commercial fire and water damage repair jobs in Murrieta and throughout Riverside County. We have successfully cleaned up and rebuilt gyms, medical labs, hotels, warehouses, offices and everything in between. Our large arsenal of drying equipment, plus our dedicated staff of commercial restoration experts, allows us to repair damage in record time.

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    Before Our Flood Damage Restoration Team Arrives

    Stay Safe & Stop Water Damage at the Source

    In a clean water situation, shut off the water supply to the leak. If you can’t find the local shutoff, shut off water to the whole building at the water main. Then turn off the electricity to the area at the breaker. DO NOT touch the breaker if you are standing in water, leave that to the professionals! If the water is in a carpeted area, place aluminum foil beneath all furniture legs to prevent rust damage to the carpet. Also lift any fabric skirts or draperies out of the flooded area and tack them up to the best of your ability. Then remove any small items that you can from the surface of the carpet to prevent dyes from bleeding into the carpet from papers, shoes, planters and other home sundries.

    We Also Handle Mold Remediation and Fire Damage Restoration in Murrieta

    If you are recovering from an emergency of a different type, our Murrieta fire damage restoration and mold remediation teams are also available on a moment’s notice. While time isn’t quite as important of a factor in these emergencies, the sooner we get the call, the sooner we can restore your home or business to its pre-disaster state and you can get back to your daily routine.

    Water Damage Cleanup in Murrieta, CA
    I could tell immediately that TSC is used to much bigger jobs than my flooded bathroom. The clean up guy saw the mess, looked like he expected something a lot worse, and had it all cleaned up in a couple of hours. He was very easy to work with.
    Written by: Jenna W.
    Water Damage Cleanup in Murrieta, CA
    Date published: 04/27/2015
    5 / 5 stars

    What Areas Do We Service?

    Our team is proud to service Murrieta, CA 92562, 92563, 92564 and communities throughout Southern California. Other nearby locations include Temecula, Rainbow, Pala, Rincon, Bonsall, Fallbrook, Deluz, Lakeland Village, Canyon Lake, Menifee, Winchester, Perris, Riverside, and Hemet.

    Servicing Murrieta and More

    If you need help with water damage in Murrieta, 92562, 92563, 92564 or neighboring areas, help is never far away.

    • Temecula
    • Rainbow
    • Deluz
    • Fallbrook
    • Canyon Lake
    • Lakeland Village
    • Menifee
    • Winchester
    • Hemet
    • Perris
    • Mead Valley
    • Nuevo
    • Lakeview
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    • Valle Vista
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