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Temecula Water Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Repair

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cleaning a carpet after a water damage restoration in Temecula, CA


Water damaged carpet in Temecula, CA

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Your mold, fire, water, and flood damage recovery experts

When facing flood, fire or a mold outbreak, you want all the help you can get. Our team of Temecula water damage, fire damage, and mold damage repair specialists work around the clock to help homeowners deal with some of the worst disasters you can imagine. For us, removing the damaged material and replacing it is only a small part of the job, and one that many damage recovery companies can handle. What sets TSC Restoration apart is our dedication to our customers. By providing faster response times, dealing with your insurance carrier directly, and leaving your home looking better than before the damage occurred, we take every step to make your damage recovery project as painless as possible.

Our damage repair team covers:

  • Carpets and flooring
  • Walls and baseboards
  • Foundation and drywall
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Roofing and windows
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Contents and keepsakes
  • And more

We can restore your water damaged carpet

When your carpet gets flooded it isn’t an easy clean up. You could spend countless hours with a rental steam cleaner trying to pull out the water or you could take the smart route and hire a professional restoration company to handle it. We’ll come in with industrial strength water suction equipment and dehumidifiers to quickly remedy the situation. We’ll monitor the drying process from start to finish to make sure it is being completed thoroughly. If your padding has been compromised, we will even cut it out and replace it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Contact Us for your Water Damage & Fire Damage Recovery Needs Now

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    We also offer

    La Mesa CA water damage cleanup

    Fire damage restoration in Escondido

    National City mold remediation service

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    Our Temecula Damage Restoration Specialists Can Handle All Your Property

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    drying out a water damaged office in Temecula


    Photo restored by our Temecula damage recovery team

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    Furniture Restoration

    Furniture restoration is a special facet of our business. We handle both upholstered and wooden furniture that need resurfacing or repair. In most cases we can save the existing furniture with our comprehensive drying process although there are times when upholstery needs to be fully replaced. In any case, your furniture will look as good as, if not better than, it did to begin with.

    Wall Restoration

    Drywall is especially susceptible to water damage at the carpet line. water can wick up the paper and drywall material. Even if the carpet is cleaned correctly, the water that wicks into the drywall can create a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Our team will thoroughly dry out both the carpet and the walls during the restoration project. We use industrial strength dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of the walls to return them to their pre-flood condition. If we cannot repair the walls, we will replace and refinish the drywall so you won’t know that it had ever been done.

    Specialty Water Damage Restoration

    In addition the major items that are usually restored during a project, our team also restores specialty items like books, photos, artwork and more. It doesn’t matter what items were damaged, we can restore them to their best possible shape. Our professionals have handled priceless heirlooms, wedding photos and more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

    Servicing Temecula and More

    Our flood repair and fire damage restoration services are available in Temecula, CA 92589, 92590, 92591, 92592, 92593 and surrounding areas, including Rainbow, Fallbrook, Pala, Deluz, Bonsall, Pauma Valley, Valley Center, Perris, Nuevo, Lakeview, Mead Valley, Woodcrest, Murrieta, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Hemet, San Jacinto, Auganga, Menifee, Winchester, Lakeland Village, and more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]